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I am a forty-year-old self-employed carpenter who, for a long time, has been disappointed by the so-called leadership of our country. In the summer of 2004 I accepted the nomination of the Liberty Union Party as their candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the State of Vermont. The focus of my campaign was the failure of the policy of drug prohibition. I said in all the debates to which I was invited that as Vermont’s next Lieutenant Governor I would pardon all non-violent drug offenders currently locked up in Vermont Kentucky or Virginia prisons (Vermont has had to outsource prison space to private-for profit prisons out of state). The final debate was the Vermont Public Television’s super Sunday televised debate, which took place on the night of Halloween. I decided to go to the debate in costume, which consisted of a fake knife through my head and blood dripping down my face. The knife was a metaphor for the fact that it is politically suicidal to support any policy other than prohibition and that I was trying to perform brain surgery on Vermont politics. Finally it was an exclamation mark at the end of the following sentence, ”Prohibition is a policy which favors the proliferation of hard drugs over soft drugs, makes it easier for Vermont children to get illegal drugs than tobacco or alcohol, supports an environment where someone with a health problem is forced to commit property crimes to finance their habit, and takes the position that the agency best-suited to regulate the price and purity of illegal drugs and to determine how they will be marketed is the mob!’ Indeed I can think of no single policy which poses a greater threat to the health of our society both local and global than the probibition of illegal drugs.

Some notable individuals who I have argued on this subject include G. Gordon Liddy and Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary Lloyed Bentsen. This issue is one that I have studied for some time. I did not stick my head out far enough for someone to slit my throat for any other reason than that I am a patriot (from a long line of patriots) who can not live in a world where such insanity rules. To me prohibition is the straw that will break the back of the camel who hauls manure across a desert of confusion and disinformation. To me, it is about much more than this policy, it is about hierarchical power which will be reigned in either by peaceful means or otherwise.

My issue is not doing away with prohibition; it is doing away with a corrupt leadership that, simply put, does not deserve the power they wield. It just so happens that both the democrats and republicans are on the wrong side of the argument on this issue and are weak because of it. I am neither democrat nor republican. I am pro-choice (a democratic position) and I am anti-gun control (a republican position). I believe that so long as we vote for either party we are going to get the same thing-a hand puppet. Where are the so-called liberals who are upset with what the Democratic Party has had to offer us for the past twenty-five years? Where are the “true” conservatives who are upset with the current administration, which is spending money like drunken sailors? If there were an alternative party or policy that could bring these two groups together their collective vote would dwarf those who vote for the lesser of two bastards. Nobody has a right to your vote, they must earn it. If I had a dollar for every unearned vote cast in the last election I could retire ten times over.

I did not spend $300 of my hard earned cash nor did I lose out on $1500 to $2300 worth of time on the job to do anything other than raise issues the other three politicians would not touch with a ten-foot pole. In fact the motto of my campaign could have been "cancel the ten-foot pole". I did not expect to receive 1% of the vote but I managed to earn 1.11% overall. My campaign couldn’t afford a war chest let alone have anything to put in it. Suffice it to say, if I had had more resources in the form of time or money, I could have made a much bigger dent.

Both my campaign and this weblog are funded out of my own pockets. I have not accepted a dime of support. I hope you find the following to be thought provoking and welcome your comments. Thank you for visiting-Peter.


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