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June 26, 2006


Morgan W. Brown

Had been wondering when or whether you would post again Peter. Good to find you are still among the blog'n once more, at least whebever you are able to do so anyway.

Betty St. Laveau

Methinks that the person who is pretending to be Jason Alexander is the insane one. Thanks for writing Illumanti Slayer.

Miss St. Laveau

I recently gave your website address to a friend of mine. Could you please write/or research the topic: Secret History of the Americas or World? With respect and love, Betty.


Thought ye may wish to visit the iLLuminati at:


Sounds like the worst Seinfeild advert ever.
I'm liking your blog. I've added you to my links (I've just got started) - come have a look :)

The Laughing mam

anyone who does not believe in the illuminati and have seen the evidence, i have only one thing to say...

... stay in wonderland and soon you will be alone in complete darkness.


It appears Mr. "George Castanza" doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground; making him an ignorant, superfluous human being.


Whoever wrote that "Castanza" diatribe has unwittingly undermined his own goal, which was, I assume, to discredit you. Instead, "they" have caused me to view your message as more acceptable than theirs.

All Else is Folly

Your post is excellent. Waiting for more writing.

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