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February 21, 2006


Pissed Off Cabbie

The REAL patsy in all of this is US. We let this administration get away with election fraud both times out of the gate, and we didn't demand a paper trail from Diebold. What a sad state of affairs.


Greetings Peter!
Thank you for speaking out, and for caring. I was born and raised in this co-culture, and am in the process of exiting the group, and am in a war for the free control of my own life and mind. I had to flee cross country for my life.
I will bookmark your blog and visit every so often.
I too take quite a bit of time in between blog posts because I often put a lot of time, thought, and research into them.
Keep fighting the good fight!



Hey interesting...
just to let you know
Satanism doesn't make human sacrifices. The myth started from the SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).
Google it if you like, there's a lot of information on them.


Incidentally, the Isreali flight nearly shot down was in Kenya. The Israeli tourists where based at Israeli hotels in Mombasa.

I read about the interactions of these Israeli tourists with the locals some weeks after. Apparently these tourists were abusive of their hosts, regularly referring to the Africans as swartz and dirty Hamites. Further, the tourists sexually harassed all the chambers maids in the various hotels, groped and coerced them into sex with the connivance of the managers.

The weapon reported to have been used against the Israeli flight was found somewhere near the take off strip in bushes and was painted bright blue and had Arabic writing all over it. Kind of reminds me of a cartoon burglar with a stripy sweatshirt and a black mask. A bit too obvious to make any honest conclusions.




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YEP right on. WE will soon; all humans wake up and see what 911 has really been its now 2010 and we have alot of earthquakes and VInturas conspiracy theories and for they are not theories but reality. LOng LIVE JESUS CHRIST.


THIS info is very real BUSH and clintons all the way to the bohemian GROVE need to be investigated and tried at the Hague. THESE Bastard are nothing but Nazis. YOUTUBE 4th Reich before it gets taken off


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