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November 07, 2005



This article of yours is my favorite one yet. Thank you for an informative and well written article.


I can agree with you to an extent about W's "expendible" position in the Neocon 'grand plan' however, I think we will not see anything bad happen to this guy. He's too deep in the society, too high-up.

He's made alot of very rich people VERY RICHER. In fact, wealthier than anyone could ever imagine, let alone spend in 10 lifetimes. Billions and billions of dollars to the pharmacudical companies, Trillions and Trillions of dollars to the defence contractors. Billions and Billions of dollars to Big oil, Trillions of dollars to the arab countries that produce it.

He has done a good job of keeping the average American poor and hungry, while at the same time boasting Increses in the GDP. He has done a good job of making sure that big corporations move their factories and plants abroad, in turn forcing hundreds of thousands of honest, hard working people out of a job, so that they can pay third world people pennies on the dollar for slave labor.

Now if you were one of the people that was getting say, a check for $250,000 a month out of this whole ordeal, you would be praying for his safety and protection 3 times a day.

The fact of the matter is, I believe they are going to pull some sort of 'emergency power' stunt towards the end of this term, regardless of wether or not something happens to any one person. I think it is evident there are grim plans in the works right now, but I think that the average citizen needs to fear more than any of the evil elite insiders. And the fear should not be of islamic militants, it should be fear of the perverted, powerful fat cats masquerading caring ordinary christians. Anyways, it's in the prophecies that this beast will reveal itself for what it truly is for all the people of the world to see.

Why would he stop now? He's already broken international laws, treaties, pacts. He's gone against the will of the congress, the people, the military advisors, constitution. Not only has he completely fucked up the entire country, but he has done it to the un-ending applause of the Super Rich.

Why is the only thing this guy is against is stem cell research? How could stem cell research be worse than the death penalty, or a bloody war. I can't believe the people who don't see him for what he is: I mindless puppet of evil that will soon be our downfall.


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He has made an exceptional showing of verifying that great enterprises move their manufacturing plants and plants abroad, in turn compelling numerous many respectable, hard working individuals out of work, with the intention that they can pay third globe individuals pennies on the green back for slave work.

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