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September 22, 2005



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Hi people! I have very bad credit and I tried too many times to improve it! Everything was in vain! Recently I thought why not and applied for an AmEx credit card at some website. And what you think they did? They approved me thickheads!! 'Cause I submitted I get 50k more a year:Wanna have fun? Go to
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I can not find where to access my bank account. Not sure I have information needed to find page to enter my user name. Maybe you can help me fill in the blanks since I cant seem to get any answers. I also applied to
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Credit cards are great if you can manage your money wisely. I always shop around for credit cards. I've figured out that official bank sites are not really helpful because you can't compare there offers with those of other banks. So now I use
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Guys please; I need a wise advice about online applications. I need a credit card and want to apply online. My credit is not bad. Credit score is 550. Is it safe and secure to make it online? It will be my first experience online therefore I have some apprehensions.
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Good Day! My daughter is a student and studies in another city. We would like to apply for a student credit card for her in order to start building credit history and because of convenient use, but do not know for sure if the following site is really good? And how safe is it to make it online? Could you help us to clear up these moments?
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I really hope you people will help me to be frugal and use credit cards wisely. My credit history is far from perfect but I really need a credit card. Which would you think is the best offer for bad credit at
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The main reason banks get so much profit on credit cards is that most people are not able to analyze all the aspects of using credit cards. I hope this site will help
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I'm a newly wed and we together with my spouse decided to start building good credit as we started a family of our own, as in future we'll have buy a house and cars and many other things. I wanted a credit card for both of us, so that we could use it together and accumulate credit rating. Happily, I found a card for spouses at
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Hi guys! I'm in debt and look for a credit card for bad credit. I'm not sure, is it a reliable site? Please advise.
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