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March 21, 2005


Pat Hejny

Hi, Peter-- Great post! You apologize for being slow with posting-- I am slow in posting my comment. You know that because I believe Bush Republicans are working to destroy our government completely, I have no problem believing in a 9/11 conspiracy as one part of this larger conspiracy. As far as guns are concerned, our gun loving friends need to wake up. If the Bush Republicans succeed, their 2nd Amendment rights will vanish right along with the rest of the Amendments. I'm looking forward to your next post! Pat


Personally, I think the gun peddlers do more harm than good. When gun crime increases the small arms manufacturers say the solution is more guns. Soft gun regulations enable terrorists to buy guns and the gun pedderlers say this indicates we need less gun regulation.
It's all a small arms race to go along with the large arms race.
The profit-motive is responsible for this socially destructive pattern.
One of the few things that I am conservative about is how the Second Amendment should be interpreted. We should read it literally to mean you have an unqualified right to bear arms only if you are part of a well regulated militia. This protects the people from the government if needs be, but quells the harmful effects of a free-market in guns (for which we have years of evidence).
I'd like to recommend a book to you and those who follow your blog, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins.
He spells out how the imperialism of modern "corporatocracy" works around the world to subvert free societies.
Here's an excerpt:
"It would be great if we could just blame it all on a conspiracy, but we cannot. The empire depends on the efficacy of big banks, corporations, and governments- the corporatocracy - but it is not a conspiracy. This coporatocracy is ourselves- we make it happen - which, of course, is why most of us find it difficult to stand up and oppose it. We would rather glimpse conspirators lurking in the shadows, because most of us work for one of those banks, corporations, or governments, or in some way are dependent on them for the goods and services they produce and market. We cannot bring ourselve to bite the master who feeds us."

Perkins' acticvities as an EHM (economic hit man) revolved around the banking and energy activities of the corporatocracy.
However; Browning, Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson and so many more gun manufacturers are also part of the corporatocracy. When you buy their products, you put profits into their pockets at the cost of Americans lives and more sensible forms of progressive investment.


George Castanza

Helloe there, George Castanza here from the hit show "Seinfeld" which screened in the 1990s... I must say, your internet post and blogging exploits struck a chord with me and i read on with interest.

However, upon closer inspection i discovered that your are just simply a fucked up imbecile... You should save everyone they trouble by ending your life here and now. Illuminati? Satanists? George W conpirating? I never doubted that these were possible until i read your post.

This is simply the ramblings on a madman. You must be completely insane - i am sure that if you handwrote this it the paper would be smeared with shit and the pen used would be blood from your piddle dick. Shit, it scares us that people like you live in society.

Why? I ask myself, why?

Grow up and get a life.

Save your money and buy "Seinfeld: Season 6" on DVD available now at all good retail stores.


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